Gerris Shrike - a man who tried to kill Han Solo. Dewlannamapia, Han's "adoptive mother" was killed by Shrike while trying to save Han.


Hrrtayyk - the name of the Wookiee "coming-of-age" ceremonies.


Imperial occupation (of Kashyyyk) - the period of time in which the Empire occupied Kashyyyk and took Wookiee slaves from the planet. The Imperial occupation of Kashyyyk ended when the Glalactic Empire fell shortly after the at the Battle of Endor.

Itchy - (see "Attichitcuk").


Jowdrrl - small, female cousin of Chewbacca. Jowdrrl has chestnut-colored fur. Surprisingly, Han Solo could actually see a family resemblance between Jowdrrl and Chewie. Jowdrrl is a ship systems engineer who accompanied Chewbacca and other Wookiees on a mission to save Han Solo from the Yevetha.


Kallabow - a sister of Chewbacca. Kallabow has whorls of auburn fur.

Karryntora - a Wookiee city near Rwookrrorro.


Kashyyyk - Kashyyyk is the homeworld of the Wookiees, located in the Mid Rim, in the Kashyyyk System. It is covered in humongus wroshyr trees.

Katarn - a dangerous carnivorous animal that lives on Kashyyyk. It usually roams the lower levels but sometimes roams up to the higher levels to hunt Wookiees.

Katarra - a young Wookiee (younger than Chewie, at least) who was the leader of the "Wookiee Underground". Katarra was the well-respected daughter of Tarkazza. She has brown and tan fur but, like her father, has a silver streak running down her back.

Kichiir - a member of the "Wookiee Underground".

Kolvissh - a white flower that grows on Kashyyyk.

Kriyystak - a good friend of Chewbacca, who he'd known since childhood. Not much is known about Kriyystak.

Kroyies - a bird-like creature that lives on Kashyyyk. It was once considered a prized food, but now the poor can eat it. Wookiees use huge searchlights to attract kroyies. Hunters then stand by to shoot them.

Kshyy vine - a strong, durable plant native to Kashyyyk. Because of its strength, Wookiees use it to haul supplies and other things in lift carts. The kshyy vine can't be cut, even by a blaster shot.


Life debt - a large part of Wookiee culture that states that if any Wookiee's life has been saved by someone else, that Wookiee must stand by that person and protect him or her to the death. This commitment is backed by Wookiee honor, tenacity, and raw strength. Chewbacca owes Han Solo a life debt, for Han saved him from murder by the hand of a fellow Imperial Officer.

Liftcars - elevator-type devices that are usually used to transport cargo or ill Wookiees up and down, and under, Wookiee cities. Most Wookiees prefer to climb the trees naturally, though.


Lowbacca - Chewbacca's Force-Sensitive nephew who joined Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy twenty-three years after the Battle of Endor. Lowie quickly became friends with Jacen and Jaina Solo and Tenel Ka. Lowie wears only a glossy syren belt to which is connected a tiny translator droid, Em Teedee. He has ginger fur with a black streak that starts at his left eye and then continues down his back. Lowie was the Jedi student who discovered the crashed TIE Fighter in the Yavin IV forest.

Lumpawaroo - Lumpawaroo is the name that Lumpawarump took on after his "coming-of-age" ceremonies (see "Hyrrtayyk"). The "Waroo" part means, "son of courage". Seen as part of his coming-of-age test, Waroo, his father, and group of other Wookiees rescued Han Solo, who had been taken prisoner aboard a Yevethan cruiser. Lumpy was shot in the leg during the battle, but he quickly recovered.


Lumpawarump - Lumpawarump, or "Lumpy" as he was often referred to, is the son of brave Rebel hero Chewbacca.

Lumpy - (see "Lumpawaroo" or "Lumpawarump")